Synapse X is too big/small [Solved]

If you find Synapse X is too big or too small for your desktop screen resolution you have landed to right page. We will see you you can fix this issue in 3 easy steps.

Synapse X is the latest and greatest technology to hit the market. It’s a game changer in terms of what it can do for your business, but there is one problem. Synapse X has an issue with memory leaks that make it difficult to use without crashing or running out of resources halfway through a project. This article will discuss why this happens and how you can fix it so that you don’t have this issue!

How to solve Synapse X is too big/small

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to fix this problem

1. Right Click Synapse X.exe and click on Properties.

 2. Once opened, press on the compatibility tab.

3. Once there, press on change high DPI settings

when you go on there do the following thing.

Turn on Override High DPI scaling behavior.

Once done, close that window and open Synapse. 


Loading Screen = 325×104

Main = 770×355

Script Editor = 623×272

Script Hub = 439×336

Script List 115×272

Script Hub Image Box = 293×170

Script Hub Info Box = 293×74

Script Hub Scripts List = 115×288


Execute Button = 75×30

Clear Button = 75×30 

Open File = 75×30

Execute File = 86×30

Save File = 75×30

Options Button = 72×30

Attach Button = 82×30

Script Hub Open Button = 82×30

Script Hub Execute Button = 145×30

Script Hub Close Button = 143×30


Logo = 24×24

Minimize Button = 18×18

Close Button = 16×18

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