Synapse has failed to load due to potential malicious activity occurring on your PC

If you don’t know how to get to AppData or Temp i’ll make a guide at the bottom.

There are certain error codes as you can see so this might be different on others’ pc’s but I’ll tell you all the ones I know


RegAsm is running, RegAsm is a legitimate process but is commonly used for Orcus, a popular Ratting Software, RegAsm is rarely used in legitimate programs (if at all) so if it’s running on someone’s PC there’s a high chance it’s Malware. 


These are remnants of Tostring/Talha/Valerie’s rat, a folder in AppData named Roblox containing Orcus Libraries. Delete them, also check to see if there are any suspiciously named files in AppData (NO .exe’s should be present in AppData, so for example if there is an exe in there like shown here

It’s pretty much guaranteed Malware and should be deleted.

(Note: The actual Roblox data/game files aren’t in this folder, they are in %localappdata%, this folder name is just to cover up what it’s actually used for, since these Rats were posted on v3rm and are likely to have Roblox Installed)


This is a folder made by Ryumii (aka Haxwell)’s rat, it’s called Syslog and is also located in AppData.

I’ll add more as I know more causes for the error codes (I asked 3ds but he’s kinda busy and didn’t manage to get it done for me)

oh and I’d strongly recommend running an Anti-Malware scan to Clean Up any other Malware that may be lurking, I’ll link some good Anti-Malware engines below.

I’d also recommend cleaning the %temp% folder

HitmanPro (Sophos made Anti-malware engine)


How to get to AppData:

Press the Windows key + R, it’ll bring up a run box, type %appdata% in there. Boom, you’re in AppData.

How to get to Temp:

Basically the exact same but with %temp%, do the following stuff:

Windows key + R, type in the run box: %temp%

and boom you’re in temp,

I’d recommend clearing this folder since it’s only used for temporary files. 

If you still can’t fix the problem, add me on discord.

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