Closing after Initializing

1. Check if you have anything in Firewall & Network Protection Off How to do that? : 2. Windows Defender > Firewall & Network Protection > Restore Settings 3. Check if any other Anti-Viruses are On as well as Windows Defender 4. If any other Anti-Viruses are Running i would recommend Uninstalling them. 5. Restart … Read more

Web Authenticity Issue

1. Go to Task Manager (ctrl + alt + delete)  end Tasks on suspicious stuff like, .exe files or anything like that, if you can’t see the Background Processes press More Details at the bottom 2. Look for Tasks that seem suspicious (any Tasks that are not necessary) basically, and End Task on them. 3. … Read more

Auto Join Issue

1. Open the folder where Synapse is located. Then open the auth folder. 2. Remove the file called discord.bin 3. Right click on the file and select “Delete”.  4. Now relaunch Synapse.In some cases this doesn’t work and you have to contact a staff member with the email you received when purchasing Synapse and a … Read more

Synapse X is too big/small [Solved]

If you find Synapse X is too big or too small for your desktop screen resolution you have landed to right page. We will see you you can fix this issue in 3 easy steps. Synapse X is the latest and greatest technology to hit the market. It’s a game changer in terms of what … Read more

Fixes for all Injection Issues, Errors etc

If stuck on “Injecting”, download Direct X 9 by clicking here.  Once installed restart your PC and re-run Synapse X as Admin (You do this by right-clicking your Synapse X executable file and click “Run as Administrator”) Check your Task Manager and see if you have any other Roblox Player processes on Background Processes, or … Read more

How to fix the FPS issues for Roblox?

If you are a Roblox gamer you might faces two problems occasionally, one is being latency and the second is FPS drops. Synapse X helps you to manipulate the FPS. To fix the horrible micro-stuttering in games on windows all you need is a solution which helps you to correct FPS by correct i mean … Read more

Why Synapse X crashes upon script execution?

If Synapse X crashes on Script Execution then you need not to worry there are several Yips & Tricks that you can apply and make it works ! There must be some reasons why Synapse X crashes upon script execution if you troubleshoot the same and encounter the issue the script will be easily execute. … Read more